I think the title of this release is just a little misleading. “Franz Xaver Richter, Johann Stamitz: Flute Concertos & Trios” suggests (to me) an album of two composers in equal measure.

Not so. This release has one flute concerto by Stamitz. The other five selections are all Richter. It’s still a program of six well-crafted Roccoco works. The only folks who might be disappointed would be those hoping to add to their collection of Stamitz.

Richter was one of the founders of the Mannheim School. It represented a transition from the Baroque to the Classical period. Richter’s music sometimes leans more towards the Baroque rather than to the Classical period.

Jana Semerádová delivers some fine concerto readings. Her playing is wonderfully nimble and expressive. Her nuanced phrasing makes Richter’s Flute Concerto sound forward-looking. And her performance of  Johann Stamitz’ Flute Concerto is just delightful.

Richter’s Trio Sonata Op. 4 No. 1 is for two violins and basso continuo. This piece and the two harpsichord trios are late Baroque in style. Definitely more Handel than Haydn.

Overall, I found this release an interesting collection of music in transition. Well-recorded and well-performed.

Franz Xaver Richter, Johann Stamitz: Flute Concertos & Trios
Jana Semerádová, transverse flute; Ensemble Casto
Pan Classics PC 10406