Victor Rosenbaum performs an engaging program of Beethoven piano music for Bridge Records. This is his third release with the label, and it’s a great partnership.

Bridge knows how to record the piano to capture its natural warmth. The recordings are clean, with just enough room ambiance to make the recording sound natural, as if the listener was in the same room as the performer.

And what a performer! Rosenbaum has lived with this music for a long time. His playing has a quiet power to it. Sure, he could deliver crashing crescendos and dazzling runs, but that’s not the point.

Rosenbaum’s thoughtful liner notes provide some context. He’s reached below the surface of the music to give us Beethoven the melodist. These are quiet, understated performances that speak volumes with simple gestures.

I don’t often think of Beethoven as charming, but that was just my reaction to Rosenbaum’s interpretation of the Op. 26 sonata. In fact, it was my reaction to the entire album.

Victor Rosenbaum is a mature artist. In this album, he shares insights that only maturity can bring.

Beethoven – Victor Rosenbaum, piano
Piano Sonata in A-flat major, Op. 26; Six Variations in F major, Op. 34;  Sonata in E, Op. 90; Six Bagatelles, Op. 126
Bridge Records