The Classics a Day team is made up of Americans and Canadians. The month of July has important national holidays for both countries. And so the theme for July is the music of North America. (Mexico doesn’t have a major holiday in July, but we decided to be inclusive). 

In my posts for #ClassicsaDay I alternated between the three countries. Of course, July 1 featured a Canadian composer, and July 4 an American. Here are my posts for the fifth and final week of #NAFTAclassics.

7/29/19 Juan Trigos (Mexican) – Symphony No. 4, Nezahualcoyotl Icuicahuan

Trigos calls his style “Abstract Folklore.” He abstracts basic elements of folk music and uses them as building blocks for his classical compositions.

7/30/19 Charles Ives (American) – Country Band March

In this 1903 work, Ives depicts a performance by an unskilled (and underrehearsed) amateur ensemble. It’s sometimes considered a parallel to Mozart’s “Musical Joke.”

7/31/19 Victor Rasgado (Mexican) – Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra

Rasgado is a concert pianist and composer. His impressive body of work includes concertos, chamber works, and a prize-winning chamber opera.