Steven Stucky was both a successful composer and an influential teacher. His Second Concerto for Orchestra won the Pulitzer Prize. Stucky produced a large number of works and taught some of the most important composers of the next generation.

It’s no surprise then, that this musical memorial to Stucky would feature an impressive lineup of contributors. “Garlands” includes 32 short piano works, plus a selection by Stucky for mezzo-soprano, oboe, and voice.

Some of these pieces pay homage to Stucky’s style. Others retain their composer’s own individuality. The result is a virtual cross-section of contemporary music in all its diversity.

Established masters John Harbison, Esa-Pekka Salonen, William Kraft, Christopher Rouse, and Manus Lindberg are represented. Several of Stucky’s students contributed as well, including Jesse Jones, Joseph Phibbs, Hannah Lash, and Fang Man.

Gloria Cheng masterfully performs each work idiomatically — which is no mean feat. The pieces range from the neo-romantic to the extreme avant-garde. “Garlands” is a fitting tribute to a great musician and a wonderful time capsule of this moment in time.

Garlands for Steven Stucky
Gloria Cheng, piano
Bridge 9509